Using the stock Eclipse Phase ruleset, this campaign relies heavily on the Gatecrashers rules additions as well as the Rimward book. It is a traditional Firewall campaign, and heavily explores the transhumanistic ideas presented as integral to the world of the game. Specifically, it explores the concepts and proposed processes for ‘sleeving’ and ‘morphs’ for uploaded human minds, as well as the potential strangeness of alien lifeforms and the abject horror possible only in the most unforgiving environment yet known to us from Earth.

The player characters will all be Sentinels, meaning that they are agents of Firewall, the organization defending the transhuman race from all existential threats of extinction, from the cover of secrecy and darkness. They will be exploring exoplanets via Gatecrashing, as well as the more anarchistic and independent cultures of the outer solar system. They will eventually return to the lost, brutalized planet Earth for dark purposes.

Players will need at least to acquire the free starter ruleset available for Eclipse Phase from this link: from – OR – from the developers, Transhuman Studios .

Creating a character is detailed but fairly simple, as the mechanics of the system are deliberately kept simple for the sake of directing energy towards roleplaying and storybuilding. EP is a refreshingly modern system with plenty of material already available and plenty of developer and fan support. Please visit the Eclipse Phase site to learn more about this powerful system with one of the most innovative fictional settings yet created.

Upon request, I can provide a variety of different character sheets, but you can find them easily yourself at the main site’s Resource page.

Eclipse Phase: Mission Extreme

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