• Dr. Ro Zhu

    Dr. Ro Zhu

    Gatecrashing Neo-Pig Astrobiology Expert
  • Hayden Relz

    Hayden Relz

    Good Looking, Athletic with an personality that is quite serious to most but in private has a clever and witty sense of humor amoung those he calls companions.
  • Jonathan Santos

    Jonathan Santos

    An old-school space explorer specialist in programming and systems security.
  • Octave "Scout" Lalonde

    Octave "Scout" Lalonde

    When a man no longer thinks of himself as a man what is he?
  • Ceri Branwen

    Ceri Branwen

    A FireWall Sentinel tagged for highly sensitive, covert investigations, mostly of dangerous organizations.
  • Doctor Klevic Tzaminesc

    Doctor Klevic Tzaminesc

    A twisted psychosurgeon who has created a cult around egoknapping and composite-building from stolen egos.
  • Jumare


    One of the most affable and charismatic gurus - or cultmasters - you could ever want to meet. Or not.
  • Mother Triage

    Mother Triage

    A Firewall Proxy with an increasingly sinister reputation among Sentinels for ruthlessness and... pain.